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Broadband connection Pty ltd was set up on 2002, which has been in business nearly 20 years of providing telecommunications service and equipment maintenance to large organization for convenient price.  During long business operation period,  company has strong and stable relationship and connectivity over the city, existing contractual agreements with largest service provider company in Australasia -Ventia Pty Ltd,  Telstra, Optus, NBN..….  

Broadband connection built upon a robust fibre network that’s designed to help businesses of any size, now and into the future. Most importantly, it’s now more accessible with the expansion of our wholesale pricing discounts. This means it’s even easier for companies to enjoy the benefits of symmetrical speed and priority data options of close to 1Gbps^ and dedicated high service support to service providers.

Our expertise, commitment to our clients and safe practices have helped build on our outstanding reputation in new-build, rebuild and upgrade projects. We are consistently evolving our technical abilities and methods of construction to maintain our advantage over the ever changing specifications of the industry.

At its core, the company is built up of a large team of experienced constructers, state of the art equipment and a full complement of well maintained vehicles making up our fleet. Our methods, experience and nimbleness allow us to adapt to any projects evolution in a competent and safe way.

Enterprise Ethernet is designed to support a variety of business needs and applications

When you’re running applications that are time sensitive and require consistent bandwidth, those that run on the cloud, or that rely on upload speed as much as download speed, you need a high performance, reliable fibre network.^ This is where Enterprise Ethernet comes to the fore.

Our Australian-based business Operations Centre is dedicated to supporting businesses. They help manage all end-to-end fibre connections, provide 24x7 assurance support and offer fast restoration options to all service providers with business customers.